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Menu Risa Spice

Here are some of the best foods to order: Biryani Who doesn’t like biryani in this region? With the unique aroma and a tasty touch of high quality rice grains, you will find yourself checking our biryani before anything else. We offer both poultry and meat biryani plus a with range of ingredients that will leave salivating upon ordering. Tandoori This delicacy has survived many decades with infiltration from Persians, Greeks and many others trying to alter the taste. However, Risa Spice gives a chance to enjoy the traditional taste that has characterized Tandoori for many years. We give you a chance to taste the unique meat ad bread flavour brought by Tandoori with no alterations whatsoever. Butter Chicken Another amazing highlight of our long list of dishes is the butter chicken. Guys, this is not just the average stuff you’ve been used to out there. Our team of Chefs select the best tomatoes, chicken juices among many ingredients to provide you a mouth-watering Butter Chicken dish like never before. There is a long list of menus that you can simply check out on this website.

About Risa Spice

Have you been craving for the perfect place to sample delicious Indian dishes? If yes, then we are just what you have been looking for. At Risa Spice, we give you the best meals prepared delicately for a mouth-watering feel like no other. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people love traditional Indian dishes. For years now, they continue to top lists of nutritious foods for their unique ingredients extracted from natural products. However, you still need to order from the best restaurant in town for better satisfaction and taste. We have so much in store that you will be wondering which one to opt for first.

We provide you with a wide variety of delicacies that will offer an Indian feeling like no other. We have an experienced team of chefs who keep sourcing and designing new recipes that will be perfect for your partner or even family. It is the trust and reliability that has overseen our rapid growth in this industry.

Whether you want your order to be delivered, takeaway or a nice serving immediately, we work to ensure that you get unforgettable experiences. You can also enjoy set meals and house specialities as desired with the best service at all times. We believe in refreshing your mind with excellent delicacies that have dominated the Indian culture for a long time

Finally, Risa Spice is your perfect destination if you have been wishing for the best meals in this region. Besides we provide you with a wide range of food and a fast delivery. 

Restaurant location Risa Spice

Find us in Our restaurant is located on 43 New Chester Road, New Ferry CH62 1AA

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